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Do you like to sing in the shower, in front of an audience or in a choir?

Claiming your voice at work but not being heard?

Do you often get hoarse and don't know how to help yourself!?

Or you just like to sing as a hobby...


I would like to offer you my help in discovering your voice, because there is more to you than you probably think...


I would like to take away your fear and give you an individual one

Singing technique/vocal training

offer that you not only use in everyday life, but that should carry you through the ups and downs of your life so that you can appear even more self-confident.

Through my work as a teacher and as a singer, I know how important voice care is and what great inner strengths can be mobilized when you achieve vocal balance, freedom and flexibility.

I studied singing pedagogy at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY and have been working as a singing pedagogue alongside my work as a musical actor for several years.

If I have aroused your interest, I would be very happy to hear from you.


Your Voice!

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